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Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre is set in the largest urban park in North America, Fish Creek Provincial Park.  This park rivals the traffic seen at Banff National Park.  

The building itself has a rich history in the area and it is that history that made it necessary to maintain the existing building and have any expansion be sympathetic to the original design.  The project incorporates many green initiatives from waterless urinals to material recycling and a green roof.  This green roof was the first of its kind in Calgary and utilizes a lower weight vegetative mat that is tolerant to our local climate.

The building is a modest size expanded up to 9000 ft2 and was designed and tendered on budget.  Under the tight budget this project shadowed LEED requirements.  As an environmental learning center this building goes a long way in promoting the environment.  Through building features such as a green rood, excellent daylighting and low water usage this building is a model for a program of its type.



Alberta, Canada

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