Urban X is a planning strategy for the small satellite community of La Salle, Manitoba, Canada.  This community is located just outside of Winnipeg.  The plan demonstrates and adept ability to pan for and creatively design a unique community structure for a small town environment.  The planning deals with high density vertical living combined with an economic back bone being an ethanol plant and mass transit system linking the industrialized community to the larger urban center.  In this case Winnipeg. 

With the increase in mobile technologies our populations ability to disperse from centralized cores is increasing.  This has a detrimental effect on our rural landscapes as the "suburb" mentality spread across our rich agricultural land.  Urban X is a strategy to help combat this spread.  By introducing mass, localized density combined with energy efficient rapid transit much of our rich land has the potential to remain for opportunities other than the spread of housing.  


- RAIC Honour Roll ( Royal Architects Institute of Canada

- AIA Architects Medal (American Institute of Architects)

- Nominated for Governor Generals Award in Architecture

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