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We are

LEED Certified and have experience with LEED projects




JMAA architecture prides itself in innovative architectural practices and strives to create sustainable and energy efficent designs.  We have in house staff who have LEED certification.  This includes, Architect, Cory Gene Leniuk who is a LEED Green Associate and Dustin Lendvay who has LEED AP BD&C certification. We beleive each project should encompace energy efficient and sustainable design practices. 


We work with our clients to provide them the best sustainability options for each unique project.  We understand that not every solution is acceptable for every project.  Even projects that are not looking for LEED certification can still embrace sustainable design practices which can prolong the life of a building as well as lower maintenance costs and increase users wellbeing.  


Some sustainable design practices which we look to incorporate into each project include:

1. Building orientation to allow for daylighting.

2. Materials, product types, distance to site, and life span and life cycle costs of various building components.

3. Wall to window ratio and solar protection.

4. Natural light into central areas.

5. High insulation values and quality air barrier techniques to walls and roof.

6. Thermal wall to pre-heat ventilation air.

7. Energy efficient mechanical units.

8. Energy efficient design for electrical.

9. Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays

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