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The practice of JMAA architecture is dedicated to the creation and investigation of Architecture + Design.  Originally founded in the City of Red Deer by John Murray under the firm name of John Murray Architectural Associates, in 1969, the firm currently resides its operations in a renovation of the historic rail station at the heart of the city's downtown area. 


JMAA architecture is a group of skilled individuals dedicated to the pursuits and philosophies of the firm.  We provide excellence in service to clients throughout the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.  We are a team of highly experienced professionals working together to focus on client service, integrity of design and precision in planning.  






JMAA architecture through our architectural practice and research has, and continues to be interested in understanding and interpreting the complexities of our contemporary world.  We believe in an architecture and design approach that negotiates a balance between universality and the context of local conditions.  We feel projects should celebrate the uniqueness of place and individuality. as it simultaneously engages history, evolving culture, geography and technology.  

Our Philosophy is not to impose our architectural feelings at the expense of our Client's wishes, but to work with the Client to achieve their goals.  Our practice believes that on project completion every member involved should feel that they have made a positive contribution to the project.  

It is our ability to listen carefully to our Client's requirements that makes each building an expression of our Client's needs, dreams and identity.  


JMAA architecture is a full service architectural firm with offices located in the Historic CPR Station in Downtown Red Deer.  The firm provides excellence in service and design for a broad range of clients and project types. We partner with skilled engineers for structural, mechanical and electrical services.

The team consists of highly motivated individuals lead by the firms principals.  One or more of the firm's principals will play a lead roll in every project.  the principals guide clients and staff through projects to ensure an enjoyable transition from project inception to project completion.

Our philosophy is to utilize only highly qualified staff resulting in faster production times, better quality control and, increased knowledge of all aspects of a project.  




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