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The design of this parking structure had unique challenges.  It incorporates an existing bus terminal on the main level and builds three levels of parking above.  During construction the coordination of moving the terminal to a temporary location was carefully considered.  Once construction was complete the terminal again occupied its original home.  


The parking structure has another unique opportunity.  It is located on Alexander Way which is an important street in the Greater Downtown Action plan.  This demanded that this project be very creative and unique in the way it responds to both this significant street and the downtown urban core.

The project creates an exciting exterior façade that masks some of the dominant concrete structure and turns this project into a sculptural form that will sit in Red Deer's downtown.  It also boasts two green roof tops.  One located over the entry ramp and one as a roof over top the central ramp of the parking structure.  These roof tops will add visual excitement from the tall buildings which surround the site as well as gives a building that is not normally considered to be very "green" an opportunity to showcase an ability to be environmentally responsible.  


Red Deer,

Alberta, Canada

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