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BIGSTONE SCHOOL (Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik)

This school effectively represents many aspects of the owner's culture.  Symbols such as their flower symbol being incorporated into the flooring to arranging classrooms to follow the sun as students progress through the grades were all carefully considered during this projects design.


The school design examines the culture of the northern aboriginal peoples.  Building form is based on a circle and exterior elements respond to both climate and culture.  The middle atrium is housed under a tensile structure representing the teepee form, rising to a height of 12 meters.   This is the first tensile structure to be built above the 55th parallel.  the Teflon fabric structure allows natural light into the building making this a LEED shadow building well before LEED was a concept for design.

Inside the school the plan form representation of the circle is not lost.  Interior walls are curvilinear and the circular gathering spaces strengthen the idea of community.  The school is strong with its central focus on the atrium space, a space for both students, staff and the community at large can gather and enjoy.


Wabasca, Alberta, Canada


CISC Alberta Steel Design Award for the "Most Effective and Innovative Use of Structural Steel"

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