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Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School is an example of energy efficient design for a school.  The design incorporates energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems with a solar wall that pre-heats air using the energy of the sun, prior to the air being mixed for use in the building. The building form also incorporates lots of natural daylighting into the central core atrium/ multipurpose space.  At many times during the day this allows for no lights to be on in the atrium space. 

Material choices use low VOC paints, limit the use of carpet, and applies a stained concrete floor to the majority of the school.  This allowed a reduction in maintenance costs.

The building form is simple and economic.  The plan is an adaptation of Holy Family School which the school board so clearly liked they wished to have it replicated.

Alberta Infrastructure was very supportive of both the planning and final design concept for this building.  


Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

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