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JMAA architecture was commissioned as Prime Consultant for the modernization and expansion of Lethbridge Transit's offices and vehicle maintenance and storage facility.  The team at JMAA architecture worked closely with the client to create a new modern look for their building.  A second level was added to the office section of the building to accommodate growth and the main floor was reworked in order to provide a more efficient work environment.  Careful consideration was given to how the public and the employees can move through the space and access their necessary areas.  New materials such as a rubber flooring will provide this building with durability while also being comfortable.  A new training room, more efficient work spaces and updated equipment will make this building more efficient and comfortable for its users.

This project was complex as it consists of multiple phases, working around areas that remained occupied and operational.  The entire bus fleet operated out of the building throughout the duration of construction.  



Alberta, Canada

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