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JMAA architecture competed the design and construction of the new FCSS and community use building for the City of Cold Lake.  The new building incorporated several different functions under one roof.  A play area for programmed and general public use is a major feature of the building.  The play area incorporated a playful room design that has themed materials, a large play structure and plenty of natural light.  Specialty products such as Liquid Lava tiles were utilized to add an additional level of playfulness to the space.  Kids can jump from tile to tile as path if created from the play structure to other play areas.  These design features have been a big hit with the users of the space.  


The building incorporates a kitchen capable of serving the play area and meeting rooms.  It also has two cook stations set up so training programs can occur.  The other side of the building contains the administration functions along with amenity spaces for staff.  the building addresses all of the FCSS needs within a modern aesthetically pleasing facility.  Finishes for the facility were carefully considered to be both durable, modern and playful to accomplish an overall unified design which will last.  


Cold Lake

Alberta, Canada

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