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This project was a new administration building for Saddle Hills County with the specific goal of accommodating all their special needs under one roof.  Site analysis was completed for several locations to ensure the best location and design was found for the client.  A Public works shop was also designed and built in the same location.  

Worker locations and comfort in the administration building was a key factor in all the design proposed to ensure that the maximum productivity was achievable with minimal effort. 

These buildings also incorporate many LEED inspired features.  Some of the sustainable design initiatives include a rain water collection system for use in the buildings grey water systems.  A solar panel system was also incorporated on the southern end of the administration building to use as supplemental heating in the offices.  Daylighting was also an important aspect in the design of this facility.  Window placement and size was carefully considered along with the use of lighting sensors to allow natural light to be utilized by the occupants.  This lowers the amount of energy consumed by this facility.  The sustainable design features of this building gave it a LEED score which exceeded LEED Silver designation.  


Saddle Hills,

Alberta, Canada

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