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Inhabiting Indetermanacy is a proposal for residential urban infill in the east exchange district of Winnipeg.  The project examines aspects of a community group and how to provide a building that can accentuate the lifestyles of the various people that come together to make the group.  A vertical mode of transportation is added up the face of the building taking what is normally horizontal community space and transferring it vertically up the building face.  Interaction of residents can occur all the way up the face of the building protected from the elements.  In essence the nature of the street is applied up the building face.  

This project is proposed as a catalyst to provide a much required increase in residential density into the area.  With an infusion of people that call the neighborhood home, the goal would be neighborhood transformation.

The building incorporates roof top gardens and a open court at its base providing for more community activity that can take on the shape of a farmers market activity space.  



Manitoba, Canada

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