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Michener Bend Rehabilitation

This project is a major accomplishment for JMAA architecture in the field of historic work and office planning in the province of Alberta.  The Michener building project provided many challenges to the JMAA team.  This project established that the exterior façade would be maintained and the historical detailing would be rehabilitated to represent the buildings previous character.  


The interior, after the fire, was left to the elements and thus required complete removal and redesign.  Knowledge and research of building construction methods allowed us and our consultant team the ability to deal with the structural and environmental envelope concerns of maintaining the exterior façade. 

JMAA architecture also became adept at dealing with the current Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada as well as working with many levels of representatives that oversee and negotiate historic work within the province.  


Red Deer,

Alberta, Canada


2009 Heritage Recognition Award - Red Deer + District Museum Society

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